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How Collect Direct Works

No. Each pack offers the opportunity to earn while you learn at your pace. Check the qualification requirements to see what options you have and what you can do to maintain the ability to earn future commissions at your level.
Yes. It is entirely your decision if you want to build a team of independent representatives or just utilize the link. You will earn a retail reward from your retail customers and a Uni-level bonus for every purchase made. Members are rewarded one time for the purchase of a retail reward bonus, while additional orders pay you more. Members also get paid on each purchase in our Uni-level bonus plan. The key to maximizing your earning potential is to create more sales volume that leads to a regular cycle of pay.
Our system will generate a unique URL with your username, embedding it into your Collect Direct Website page. By sharing your link, you will be rewarded automatically when your prospect clicks on the link and joins your team or buys a product. That new member will then have the same ability to promote using their own Collect Direct Website page. Sales from all team members will either drive your business volume, create the potential for Cycle pay, Uni-level pay, or could help you advance in rank. Please see the individual requirements for advancement inside our compensation plan.
No, but they do appear in the Uni-level structure.
They go to the bottom of your lower team leg with their own replicated website.

Compensation Plan

You will receive a Retail Reward for every personally enrolled Customer purchase.

Fast Start Rewards are paid on personally enrolled Member purchases placed within the first 30 days of enrollment. Subsequent orders placed outside of the first 30 days of enrollment will not award a Fast Start Reward but will assign a larger Business Volume in the appropriate leg of your Dual Team Tree.

You will receive a $5.00 Fast Start Reward for every personally enrolled Member purchase of an item priced AT $29.98.

This is a number that is associated with every purchase either a customer or a member makes. QV is the same amount for all first and subsequent orders. QV populates at the bottom of your dual team tree and is used for rank advancement purposes only. QV does not carry over into the next calendar month. QV is note-paid out and is not part of cycle Business Volume.
Yes, you earn as many as you like. Global Shares cannot be carried over if the 4 points are not completed in a calendar month.
If a representative receives the Lifestyle Bonus but then fails to maintain the Diamond or higher rank the following month they will not receive the Lifestyle Bonus. However, if they reach Diamond rank or higher any month after and maintain this rank for two consecutive months, they will receive the Lifestyle Bonus. In other words, they will need to wait another two consecutive months before receiving the Lifestyle Bonus again.
You will be paid at the rank you were qualified for. If your monthly requirements were met, your extra volume will not be lost.
That pay will either break even or be paid up to the levels above you that qualify for it. Uni-level pay is not banked.


Pre-packs are an assortment of collectibles bundled together with a total value that is greater than the package price paid. Our expert team of authenticators will ensure that pre-packs of Sports collectibles include Autographs and sealed packs with Graded items. These pre-packs potentially may include a surprise collectible that will WOW you
During our launch we are only offering pre-packs that are randomly chosen. In the future, we will be offering expanded options that allow you to customize your pre-pack selections.
Note: pre-packs will always contain bonus item(s) that are highly collectible.
Yes, absolutely. However, it is important to keep in mind that in the collectible world, many items may increase in value with time, and are worth treating as an investment.
Any items that arrive damaged should be reported to the carrier immediately.Pre-pack assortments are sold as a single item and cannot be broken up for returns or exchanges. Please see our return policy for details.
Please notify [email protected] and contact the shipping company directly. We offer a variety of options to protect and ensure your shipment arrives on time. Please see the details on the ordering page for a list of these options.
Unfortunately, we cannot combine multiple categories in pre-packs. If you are interested in ordering from different categories, you will need to purchase pre-packs from each category separately.

Customer Support

Email all questions to [email protected]

To contact us by phone, dial our toll-free number at 1(877)689-4766